Camelot: Improved Retail Messaging

Camelot needed to update their retail messaging. In other words, they needed new posters for shops selling National Lottery tickets and Scratchcards (capitalised according to the Camelot style guide). I was asked to come up with some headlines for a range of retail outlets.

Each type of shop had a slightly different shopper mission, some longer and some very quick. Broadly, supermarkets are more likely to attract people on a weekly ‘big’ shop, while convenience stores and forecourts are for ‘top-up’ shopping and faster visits. I had to do quite a lot of research on shopper missions.

Three messages were needed:

a) ‘awareness’ is broadly a poster outside a shop or in the window to generate awareness of the product in the mind of passersby and customers

b) ‘consideration’ targets shoppers while they walk down the aisle in the shop and consider what to spend their money on

c) conversion is a classic point-of-sale (POS) message that reminds customers at the till to get a ticket

Each type of retail outlet needed two types of message:

i) for draw-based games (DBGs)

ii) for Scratchcards

DBGs are more of a considered purchase, while Scratchcards are an impulse buy.

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Camelot Improved Messaging presentation

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