PartyPoker ‘Take on the World’ Scandinavian press ads

PartyPoker press ads - take on the world - banner

Scandinavia was an important market for PartyPoker, as it turns out the Scandinavians are mad about poker. The headline-led ‘Take on the World’ campaign played on the idea that these Nordic poker experts would find lots of less skilled players around the world to play and beat. The headlines used national or regional stereotypes, hopefully in an inoffensive way. As poker is a battle or joust of sorts, it seemed natural that the headlines should use mock heraldry motifs. The ads were translated into the relevant language and appeared in magazines across the region. Below are my four contributions.

The British are mad for it, but hopeless

PartyPoker press ad - Take on the World - The British

All over the world there are lots of beginners, aka fish, that can be gobbled up by sharks/pros

PartyPoker press ad 'Take on the World' - learners

Poker players from the Mediterranean might have a weak spot

PartyPoker press ads 'Take on the World' - Mediterraneans

Danes hate Swedes (in a friendly way, of course)

The Online Scandinavian Poker Masters pitted the countries from the region against each other. This headline played on the rivalry that Danes apparently feel towards Swedes (I checked with someone in the office who came from Denmark).

PartyPoker press ads 'Take on the World' - Beating a Swede

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